Do You Feel Like Your Doctor Isn’t Listening To You?
 Do You Feel Like Your Doctor Isn’t Listening To You?
If you've Ever experienced...
  • Painful Periods
  • Endometriosis
  • ​Hysterectomy (or considering one)
  • ​Miscarriage
  • ​Painful Sex
  • ​Heavy Uterine Bleeding
  • ​Ovarian Cysts
  • ​Pelvic Prolapse (vaginal heaviness, bulging)
There IS Hope!
Dr. Cly's Premier Access Package:
Includes Live Discussions With Dr Cly, Unlimited Q&A, Private Facebook Community, Honest OBGyn Videos & Pocket Guides™
Dr. Cly's Premier 
Access Package:
Includes Live Discussions With Dr Cly, Unlimited Q&A, Private Facebook Community, Honest OBGyn Videos & Pocket Guides™

Endometriosis, How You Can Get Your Life Back!

The pain from Endo can be awful. You are probably missing activities or staying home curled up in a ball because of the pain. You will learn how to stop the pain and treat the hidden pain problem that is present with Endo up to 80% of the time. Finally, you can enjoy feeling good again.

Avoid Unnecessary Hysterectomy

Up to 20% of Hysterectomies are not necessary. It is critical that you know about the non-surgical ways to avoid surgery. Dr. Cly encourages non-surgical options, too many women are not given their options and not listened to. You will finally feel valued and understood.

Uterine Fibroids, Ready, Set, They are Gone!

You don’t usually need a hysterectomy, actually you don’t even need surgery in many cases. Many women are told they need a hysterectomy because their doctor is using outdated surgeries and won’t tell them about the new, latest, non-surgical, and “melt them away” treatments that are available all over the country. Now you can be reassured and comforted with knowledge from the Doctor who trains other doctors.

Sometimes Hysterectomy Is the Best Thing for You

When nothing else works, you want to feel cared for and protected. Dr. Cly tells you how to avoid outdated surgeries with painful, long, exhausting recoveries. He guides you to choose the best hysterectomy with your doctor or a local doctor that will have you home same day and driving the next day with minimal pain.

Prevent Miscarriages, There is Hope!

Here is what that doctor did NOT tell you. You will learn how to prevent the likelihood of your first miscarriage OR another miscarriage. Dr. Cly has helped thousands of women prevent miscarriages. Many of his patients had already given up hope before they used these treatment and monitoring protocols. You will find inner peace as you are guided to delivery with the knowledge to protect your baby.

Ovarian Cyst - How to Protect Your Ovary

Most women have an enlarged, painful ovarian cyst at least once, and sometimes over and over. This important information will allow you to save your ovary and heal so it will function normally. For some, this causes anxiety, but you will be stress and worry free knowing the truthful details about ovarian cyst treatments and prevention.

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Ain’t Got NO Time For That!

Is it like a crime scene during your period? Dr. Cly reveals non-surgical therapies to stop the bleeding. And, if you’ve tried those, then these outpatient therapies will allow you to wear white clothes again with confidence and peace of mind. You won’t need to keep extra clothes in your car any more. Heavy bleeding will not limit you or hold you back any longer.

Pelvic Prolapse & Cough Laugh, Drip, Drip

Stop the Sag! Tired of feeling that bulge down there? So many women struggle with this problem. It usually starts after having children and gets worse and worse. The normal “nip & tuck hysterectomy” will NOT fix it for very long. Dr. Cly will tell you how to correct it without surgery in many cases. If it is beyond that, then you will have peace of mind as he guides you to the best procedure to fix it and get you driving the next day with NO restrictions and minimal pain.
Who Is This Information For?
  • Anyone who is pregnant and wants to protect their baby through to delivery
  • ​Anyone with painful menses and moderate uterine cramping
  • ​Anyone who wants to know about non-surgical options
  • ​Anyone who is considering a hysterectomy
  • ​Anyone who worries they are not told about all the options available to them
  • ​Anyone who feels their doctor too busy to listen and still has questions they need answered
  • ​Anyone who already miscarried or is worried about miscarrying
  • ​Anyone who has had a painful ovarian cyst in the past
  • ​Anyone who has uterine fibroids, small, medium, or large; causing problems or not
  • ​Anyone with pelvic prolapse or leaking when you cough, laugh, or sneeze
  • ​Anyone who has medical questions and needs honest answers from an experienced OBGyn doctor
  • ​Anyone who wants to support a family member or loved one going through an OBGyn problem
Get Your Life Back, End the Pain, Experience Healing with Confidence and Become Healthy Again

7 Part Video Series

Dr. Cly covers the HONEST truth behind important OBGYN issues like endometriosis, Hysterectomy, Fibroids, Preventing Miscarriages, Ovarian Cysts and Pelvic Prolapse.

Honest OBGyn "Pocket Guides"

Get our complete set of OBGyn "Pocket Guides" included today.  These cover Topics like… Endometriosis, Hysterectomy, Fibroids, Preventing Miscarriages, Ovarian Cysts, Pelvic Prolapse and more!

Private Facebook Group

Dr. Cly manages a private facebook group where members can ask any OBGYN question, be heard and receive honest guidance. This members only group allows for anonymous or direct questions. If you're looking for REAL help with your OBGYN concerns, THIS is the place to go. Live calls each week and daily guidance.

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There are 3 Big Problems Women face In Healthcare...
Unnecessary Surgery
Too many women are scheduled for large painful surgeries before trying non-surgical or alternative treatments. Unfortunately, they are not even told about other non-surgical options available.

 I am committed to giving honest information to all women about their options.

The HonestOBGyn's Medical Guides™ give you my 20 years of experience and knowledge so you know how to get back to being healthy again and avoid unnecessary surgeries.
Worrying about receiving the right treatment
Almost everyone is concerned they are not getting the correct treatment and they worry about not being told about all the options available to them. 
The HonestOBGyn's Medical Guides™ are not only loaded with every treatment option available for you, but I have simplified and streamlined it in a very easy step by step process to make it easy to understand to prevent any confusion or worries for you.
Worrying about receiving the right treatment
Almost everyone is concerned they are not getting the correct treatment and they worry about not being told about all the options available to them.

The HonestOBGyn's Medical Guides are not only loaded with every treatment option available for you, but I have simplified and streamlined it in a very easy step by step process to make it easy to understand to prevent any confusion or worries for you.
Feeling concerned about  being cared for in the best manner possible
Most of us know a story about someone who suffered from malpractice or didn’t receive good healthcare. 

Unfortunately, I have personally lost both my parents as a result of bad doctors and malpractice and it is my mission to prevent anyone from going through what my family and I suffered through. 

The HonestOBGyn's Medical Guides™ will empower you with knowledge and understanding so that you will know that your doctor is giving you the best care possible. It will also allow you to determine if your doctor truly cares about your needs and what is best for you. 
Don’t schedule any surgery... 
until you’ve gone through this informative and empowering guide to Honest OBGyn Health!
Whose fault is it when these things prevent you from healing?

It is the system’s fault! Healthcare has become so complex and segmented that patients needs get lost in the middle. 

Through you will discover that I am totally dedicated to making sure you get healthy again by understanding the best treatments.

I have been practicing for 20+ years and remember the days when the patient’s needs were the most important thing which is why I went into medicine and became a doctor. 

It is my focus is to put you on the fastest recovery path back to your normal life. 
In my work with thousands of patients over many years, many women suffering with OB/Gyn problems feel ignored, minimized, frustrated, and passed around a busy medical system with no hope of being healthy again.

I successfully help women and their loved ones become healthy again by eliminating all uncertainty about what ideal, personalized treatment options are best for you. 

I am dedicated to empowering you with a doctor’s level of knowledge in the privacy of your home or place to get you on your journey to healthy again. 

We want you to be as healthy as possible for the rest of your life.

Geoffrey Cly, MD, FACOG
About Dr. Cly
Dr. Geoffrey Cly’s college career began with visions of becoming a lawyer. It wasn’t until Dr. Cly saw the documentary video “The Miracle of Life” in his general biology class that the cycle of life became a burning passion. He knew that day that his future was set. In fact, after seeing the film he changed his major and his life in medicine began.

Today Dr. Cly is a Board-Certified OB/GYN with 20 years of experience. He is one of the most experienced daVinci Robotic, Laparoscopic and Gynecological Surgeons in the Midwest with over 800 Robotic and over 2000 laparoscopic procedures successfully performed. He has delivered over 3000 babies and seen over 100,000 patients in his 20-year career.

His passion doesn’t end with his patients. As a pioneer in daVinci Minimally Invasive GYN surgery adoption that began in 2006 he became an official instructor for Intuitive, the daVinci parent company. Dr. Cly shares his knowledge and expertise by teaching most of the physicians in his region and many of the most accomplished doctors in the Midwest.

Many ask why? Why has he made it his passion to not only stay out in front of his specialty but to also teach the very doctors that could possibly be competitors? Because Dr. Cly believes women deserve to know all treatment options available and have honest, educated and up to date, physicians guiding them on their journey to health and healing.
 The benefits of robotic and laparoscopic surgeries allow doctors to perform complex surgeries with smaller incisions which causes less pain and allows for much quicker recoveries. This all leads to women who need less aftercare and gives them ability to get back to being productive in all aspects of their lives, mothers, caregivers, careers etc.

Dr. Cly believes all patients deserve active and competent doctors. His motto has always been “do whatever is necessary for the benefit of the patient.” Each patient is a gift and his Hippocratic oath in becoming a doctor is still the most important oath of all.
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Am I the only one who can use my access code?
You and your Spouse/Partner/Significant Other will be authorized to use your code.
If I am already pregnant, will these services help me?
Yes absolutely, and the ongoing Live Facebook Webinars will allow you to interact with Dr. Cly and his Team throughout your pregnancy for questions and guide you towards delivery.
If I am trying to get pregnant, how will this help me?
Knowing this important information before you get pregnant will decrease the risk of having a miscarriage or stillbirth and increase your likelihood of having a beautiful baby.
I already have a doctor, how do I get this to him or her?
Feel free to print out this information and give it to your doctor. You can use it as a guide for your discussion about your health and your options.  
I like my doctor, will you be replacing him/her?
No, Dr. Cly will not be replacing your doctor. He and want to provide you with information so you will be reassured your doctor is up to date with the most current info and treatment options.
I think I want a new doctor, can Dr. Cly be my doctor?
No, but we do provide you contact information for doctors in your area based on your zip code who are up to date with current info and treatment options.
If I have a question is there a way to talk to Dr. Cly?
Yes, you can talk directly to Dr. Cly weekly in the Live Facebook Webinars and in the Facebook Group. However, if you have an urgent medical question or medical emergency you need to call your local doctor or call 911 to report your emergency.
Do I need to travel to benefit from this website or your services you offer?
No, the services and information provided here can be utilized, viewed, and downloaded over the internet.
My friend, family member, or loved one really needs this information?  
You can sign them up and pay for them as well. Just create and pay for a second account. You will need to use their email address so they will be able to log in on their own. The email account confirmation code will be sent to them.
Can this information help my Spouse/Partner/Significant Other?
Absolutely, in addition to Facebook groups specifically for them, the information you download will allow them to understand all the best treatment options and allow them to support you more closely along this journey.
If I have a question, will I be able to speak to a live person?
Yes, feel free to call us at 260-267-5530. Sometimes we can’t answer the phone immediately but leave a message and a Team member will call you back in within 48 hours. Remember, urgent medical questions or emergencies need to go to your local doctor or call 911.
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